What are SBA CAPLines?

The Small Business Administration program for short-term working capital needs.

In an effort to assist small businesses in meeting their short-term and cyclical working capital needs, The Small Business Administration created the SBA CAPLines program. Through the CAPLines program, small businesses are able to acquire fixed or revolving lines of credit. These Lines of Credit are partially guaranteed by the SBA (75% to 85% of the loan amount on average) and offered through SBA-approved lenders.

Types of SBA CAPLines:

  • Contract Loan - The CAPLines Contract Loan has many benefits for small businesses that make bids on contracts for specific types of work, such as construction or remodeling.

  • Builders Line - For small businesses that offer construction contracting or homebuilding, the SBA CAPLines Builders Line is a great program to promote growth.

  • Working Capital Line of Credit - Small businesses that need to address working capital needs and short-term operating expenses or companies that use credit for inventory can turn to the Working Capital Line of Credit.

  • Seasonal Line of Credit - Some small businesses see seasonal increases in inventory, accounts receivable, and even labor costs. To meet the need for financing these seasonal increases, the Seasonal Line of Credit is a great solution.

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